We have built an exceptional ground-floor opportunity in the royalty space, generating steady revenue and quality royalties with some of the industry’s leading mining companies.

Frederick Bell, President & CEO
Corporate Presentation

Built for Growth. Backed by Quality.

Elemental Altus Royalties is a rapidly growing gold royalty company with world-class, producing assets on four continents. Employing a highly-selective approach, we connect investors with de-risked, quality gold investments in top-tier mining companies. Elemental Altus is the only emerging royalty opportunity providing material revenue with sustained organic growth. The Company is backed by a dynamic, multidisciplinary team with a global network and proven ability to conduct complex international transactions.

Part of the highly-successful Discovery Group, Elemental Altus offers investors a unique blend of innovation, experience and entrepreneurial spirit backed by decades of success in mining and exploration.

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Our Value Proposition and Competitive Advantage

Value Proposition #1 Early-stage opportunity - undervalued, low market cap relative to peer royalty companies
Value Proposition #2 Purchasing royalties with top-tier mining companies
Value Proposition #3 Built from the ground up by passionate entrepreneurs—not a major or mid-tier spin-off
Value Proposition #4 Steady, growing revenues in an emerging opportunity
Value Proposition #5 Selective transactions - quality/revenue over volume
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Producing Royalties

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2023-05-26 - 15:59:00
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Elemental Royalties & Altus Strategies, Creating a Global Royalty Champion

Elemental and Altus agree on at-market merger to create a stronger, more diversified gold royalty company.

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