Why Invest?

We’ll keep doing exactly what we did to get here—making careful, considered and deliberate acquisitions.

Greg Owen, SVP Operations

Our Value Proposition and Competitive Advantage

  1. Early-stage opportunity; de-risked with a proven business model.
  2. Fast-growing royalty cashflow with an excellent track record.
  3. Built from the ground up by passionate entrepreneurs: not a major or mid-tier spin-off.
  4. Selective transactions - quality/revenue over volume.
  5. Purchasing royalties with top-tier mining companies.
  6. 80% of Net Asset Value in producing and under construction assets.
  7. Favorable share structure with 16% management ownership and over 40% held by major shareholders and institutions.
  8. Growth strategy based on our unique Quality Acquisitions Model.
  9. Management excellence in execution of complex, high-value, international transactions.
  10. Part of Discovery Group, a leading mining venture collective.